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Raising Castle’s Team is composed of highly experienced Trading, Consultancy and IT specialists from International Finance markets. Our core principle is that Financial Securities Software should be simple and scalable, in line with current high-performance technology of the Finance Sector.

Our extensive experience has enabled us to observe that Securities Finance system developments are frequently expensive, complex and at times impossible to achieve.

Raising Castle’s overlay and web-based system is quickly and easily integrated into our clients’ systems requiring little intervention.

We focus on an intuitive and graphic design to give you a clear picture of all your Securities Finance lending, collateral, KPIs and regulatory management.

« Let your Data talk »

A Dashboard & Machine learning in augmented reality
Steer your business with a simple, intuitive, and constraint-adjusted tool

« Share your Tools and Performance »

Offers a remote and personalized access
With SFA, your trading potential will expand to infinity

« Big Bang Trading »

A Real Time exchange trading platform integrated to your software


With the Raising Castle products, you will redefine your business model, increase profitability, trade quickly and efficiently and reduce capital costs.

Software editor
Securities finance
Innovative technology
Trading optimization
Artificial intelligence

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Ever felt like your securities finance software is not helping you move forward? Too expensive and long development ?



Raising Castle Software uses web technology and runs on operator workstation with no special instalation needed
Smartphone/ tablet versions also planned


All information (transactions – repositories) is processed via a mapping platform. This means our tools are simply an overlay of graphic rearrangement and data statistics. Raising Castle products operate totally independently of the client’s existing software


Dynamic screen that the user can change at any time
Information reorganization and trading optimization
Takes into account calculated fields specific to each entity or user


Our software contains an integrated machine learning tool. Traders set the parameters and the system automates their overall and specific decisions. They remain the main trading decision-makers


Our solutions primarily deliver graphic, dynamic results.
They are user-friendly, versatile and intuitive


Each user has a unique tool tailored to their own needs
No default screens; each user has their own personal configuration

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Raising Castle

Drive, change and

steer your machine

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