Share your Tools and Performance

Offers a remote and personalized access
With SFA, your trading potential will expand to infinity


by Raising Castle

Allow security finance trading providers to share with clients their activity and performance through tailored made dashboards, manage lending and collateral constraints and much more.

Raising Castle’s 3 revolutionary products aim at responding to the current needs in Securities Finance, rapid and easily changeable softwares, changes in regulatory constraints and increasing revenues. Our products rely on a perfect knowledge of the market and the current softwares dedicated to trading desks.


SFA will let you define your client’s widgets and dashboards so they can follow their lending programmes directly

Real Time

All dashboards are in real time. Trades, collateral and margin calls are updated in real time


SFA offers the possibility to adjust remotely the trading & collateral constraints. Your clients can have the ability to exclude or include any security or category from the lending programmes

Best execution

With our remote access to our best execution analysis of trades

Split trading

If necessary, you can grant clients access to SFA’s remote trading option



SecfinLab and other services are based on a complete, simple and upgrable technology that makes trading easier and intuitive, thanks to an amazing & attractive design.

01. The Dashboard

SFL offers a dynamic Dashboard with screens that can be modified at any moment by the user

The dashboard is enriched with your information for an optimized augmented reality trading. It gives a clear view of all the information requested. May it be Lendable positions, on loan trades, liquidity and collateral management, and also scarce resources, KPI’s, risk and regulation

  • A personalized view of your books
  • Optimized decision making
  • Fully scalable by the user
Your trading in Augmented reality

02. Trade Workflow

The Trade workflow allows you to organize, enrich and optimize all post trade communications

The system consolidates and audits all inter-department and inter-bank breaches and communications. It will help you solve and follow all problems on Settlements, Billing, corporate actions and of course SFTR and CSDR

1 ticket, 1 problem, 1 archive



Incident monitoring and audit to reduce the number of anomalies



Mass booking in the main software

03. Module Fast Push (Action)

90% of transactions for each trader have the same details
FAST PUSH recognizes your trades and manages them as a group. Set the parameters and let the machine work for you.

  • Mass Booking
  • Locate screen
  • Fast return
  • Mass confirmation

04. Artificial Intelligence

With the integrated Machine learning tool, you build easily your AI and the system automates your global and specific decisions. You remain the decision maker for all your trading activity.

  • Locate Scraping and Workflow
  • level auto-complete
  • KPI Locates
  • Automatic booking



Trading with AI supported decision making



Intégration of Benchmarkis (HIS Markit – Datalend)

05. Performance Analyser

SFL connects with your data providers and analyses your book following your own criteria. SFL then suggests a list of actions to optimize your book.

  • Non-lent assets
  • Optimize your transactions (rate changes, refinancing)
  • Isolate under-performers

06. Synthetic Securities Lending

SFL will also manage your TRS trades
You are one click away from revolution






Collateral optimization based on AI and Analyzer modules

07. Collateral Optimizing Module

Thanks to powerful algorithms and easily scalable screens, collateral management is finally simple and efficient.
Collateral should be at the heart of trading and regarded as a source of revenues.
Nowadays liquidity, scarce resources and ratios have become a major trading component

SecFinLab… « Easier, better, smarter »

A Dashboard & Machine learning in augmented reality
Steer your business with a simple, intuitive and constraint-adjusted tool

A Dashboard & Machine learning in augmented reality
Steer your business with a simple, intuitive, and constraint-adjusted tool
A trading platform
in your software

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